Coffee & Life


Do you love Coffee?


I am now 33 weeks pregnant so trying to avoid drinking coffee. Few days ago, I told my husband I want a cup of latte (real latte) and a piece of fruity cream cake (with lots of whipped cream) right after our baby is born. I hope he understands what I am meaning. I was actually asking him “PLEASE BRING COFFEE and CAKE!!!  IF YOU DON’T, I AM GOING TO BE A BITCH!!!”

When I was in Korea, I learned a palm reading a little bit. Please don’t misunderstand me!! I have zero psychic ability, but honestly, yes, yes. I enjoy it. Just for Fun. Oh, My Mom actually love love fortunetelling. I will talk later about it. She has very funny stories about fortunetellings.

Anyway, one day, I was taking a class in a famous coffee shop in Korea. In the class, I learned about coffee including how to make hand drip coffee. My teacher, the owner of the coffee shop, was so kind and love coffee soooooo much. I could tell coffee is his life.

One day, I asked him if he wanted me to read his palm for fun. I was not really serious. Just for Fun!

When I read his palm, I saw a line… kind of bad palm line… I told him.. oh.. I guess you have a fortune to be betrayed so bad by someone.. so please be careful! He didn’t say anything for a few seconds. Quiet Awkward Moments! OH, OH……. What did I do….

After the awkward quiet few seconds, He started talking about his life to me. He said Someone betrayed him so bad and stole all of his money 10 years ago. He lost everything and said he had no hope at all in the life.

After that happened, he wanted to leave Korea and forget everything. He started travelling. One day, he visited a small cafe and drunk a cup of coffee. He tried a sip of coffee and got shocked. He said it was the best coffee he had ever had in his life, and It was totally different coffee than he always tried in Korea.

After that? Guess what happened… The cup of coffee actually changed his life. He went to the coffee shop everyday and started having interests in coffee. After that? He came back to Korea and opened a coffee shop. Then the coffee shop became very famous.

Have you ever had a moment in your life like him? Have you ever had a cup of coffee which changed your life?…

Sometimes, coffee reminds me of him. It reminds me how he changed his life in the worst time in his life.


To change a life, we may just need a cup of coffee……